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People thought web audio delivery was solved. And, damn, they were right. Anyhow, we thought common solutions weren´t cool enough. Initiated by we went into a huddle and redefined the idea of an HTML based audio player. Speakker is the outcome: An instant ready muxtape player supporting OGG and MP3.


2010 AD, things change. The web wave goes high and we ride the wild surf. “Projekktor” provides browser-native audio and video and remains true to our philosophy: Keep it simple, make it mighty, give it to the people and let creativity evolve. Featured techniques: Javascript, jQuery-Library and a quantum Flash.

tagesschau CF

Tagesschau is germany´s most popular television news service. By order of its online branch we proudly mixed up a little Paperversion3D with a pinch of LaternaMagikka. After compiling with Adobe´s Flash  we delivered a fancy slick coverflow app. A trendy video interface for the web (not for the iPhone) – featured at Cebit 2010. […]

Laterna Magika

Take a feed-strip and insert it down into our  “laterna magica” written in Adobe´s Flash. You will not get much but a stunning 10 foot user interface for web video channels. Just a powerful and inexpensive web video player with style and visions behind.


Award winning, visionary, flexible, web based, AJAX driven => Feedbeat Video CMS. Completely free of charge but rock solid and reliable. Built back in 2006 and developed further till 2008 it took media-evangelist´s hearts by storm and still offers unequaled opportunities for selected webTV projects.

uberelectron V1

Built back in 2008.  An online “webTV network”. Our first gentle punch in the gut of some popular video-agreagtion tools. An indexing web video crawler and search engine combined with a Flash frontend. Based on our evolving Projekktor engine it provided a comfortable 10 foot web based video-viewing expierience  => Ubercool.

our pleasure

Modern concepts, state of the art techniques and a trustworthy constant throughout the project.